Instagram is a great platform for showcasing your travels and has become an essential tool for travel bloggers. It can help to increase traffic to your other sites, get your name out there and even lead to advertising deals. 

But for amateurs, the world of followers and interaction can be slightly overwhelming, especially in a platform inundated with travel profiles.

So, to help you out, we’ve found some of the top tips for growing followers for Instagram travel accounts. 

Perfect your profile 

One of the most important steps before attempting to grow your Instagram following is to make sure your profile is worth following to begin with. If your profile doesn’t appeal, no trick in the book can guarantee new followers.

Make sure your profile picture is catchy and visually appealing. A picture that stands out from the crowd and fits into your wider travel theme can grab people’s attention, making them more likely to check your posts out. Bright colours are a perfect way of doing this, like a bright sunny beach scene.

Your username and bio are also essential to stand out in a saturated market of travel blogs. They need to be descriptive and answer the question ‘who am I?’, giving the viewer key info without overloading them with content. You can also use bios to draw attention to your other social media profiles and increase overall traffic.

Find a niche 

To grow followers, you need to find a niche and stick with it. Obviously, a travel theme is a starting point, but consider what aspects you love the most about travelling that you want to document.

It could be beautiful architecture, stunning mountains or luxurious hotels, and narrowing down your posts will help you to stand out from other bloggers and grab attention. It’s also important to stick to this in the main in order to avoid losing followers over inconsistent posts. 

Quality content 

Of course, Instagram’s primary purpose is to showcase the beautiful photography on offer around the world, so make sure you have good quality content. You could follow all the other tips in this guide but with poor quality images, you’re unlikely to get anywhere.

Make sure things are well edited, in focus, and with attention-grabbing captions that tell the story behind the photo. It’s best to use a mix of description, anecdote, and humour to convey the story, and using targeted hashtags can help to showcase your work to a wider audience.

This guide by The Partying Traveler is handy for understanding hashtags. 


The most important way to grow your followers is to engage with as many related profiles as possible.

Liking posts, leaving comments and following profiles that are similar to you will help to get you noticed and could lead to more follows, as long as it’s targeted. Start out by interacting with smaller pages that are more likely to check their notifications and make your comments stand out by showing genuine interest.

Similarly, make sure you don’t forget about those already following you. Reply to comments and interact with followers to retain their engagement and boost your views to others.

This guide has some helpful tips for engagement.

Get featured 

Getting featured on larger accounts is a sure fire way to gain followers.

You can do this by tagging accounts in your posts and using hashtags that are widely used by larger accounts. Similarly, when people look through the tags on these accounts your profile will come up in the results which can boost profile views. 

Mix up your content 

Whilst it’s key to maintain a consistent style, it can help to mix up your content a bit every now and again.

Boomerangs, videos, and Instagram stories can provide a bit of variety and help posts stand out, whilst going slightly meta and posting photos of polaroids can add an artsy touch to your profile. You can use this method to repost old popular content in a new way to boost your followers.

Inkifi is a great way to print Instagram photos. 

Analyse your profile 

A great way to boost followers is to identify what is working well and to cater your posts around that.

Software like Iconosquare analyses your posts to identify trends and help you target content more effectively, through identifying which posts boosted interaction, when the best time is to post and what sort of content is most successful.

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