Got a new iPhone? Must be feeling happy? Great.But how long the happiness of getting the latest iPhone will last- a month or a year of just a few days?

Just think if you could gift yourself an international vacation in the same price or even less, then the memory and joy would last long or may be for life time.

Yes, you got it right. There are a lot of international destinations that can cost you less than your iPhone. If you don’t believe then take a look on these below mentioned destinations.


Thailand is among top-listed budget destinations for everyone. You can also get cheap flight ticketseasily for this spot. Thailand is famous for its food, beaches, and mountains and of course affordable accommodation.

Air Tickets:  If you book round trip then it will fairly cost in your budget. You can check out various service providers and compare their prices with each other.

Accommodation: No matter if you travel with family or solo, Thailand always offers economical stay starting from $ 100/night day/per person.

Places to Eat: You can get famous Thailand street food in economical rate.

Places to Visit:There are two three places including Bangkok, coral island Ayutthaya, and Pattayathat gives you good options to explore. Almost everywhere in Thailand, you can find ancient Buddha temple.

Recommended Duration to Visit: 6 days and 5 nights.


Singapore is a nation that has colourful culture. A small but well-managed and modern nation,that offers good and reasonable options for shopping and roaming.

Air Ticket:Here also round tripsare economical.Though, there are several other travelling agencies that offer cheap flights tickets onlineto Singapore.

Accommodation:You can get hotels in Singapore starting from $200 /night. If you are looking for a decent stay then it may cost you around $500/night.

Food:You can enjoy delicious Singapore cuisine at affordable price that includes drinks, main course and desserts.

Places ToVisit: Do not miss Singapore cruises if you are there. You can always visit famous International Museum, Underwater World are the places you can visit in Singapore. If you want to see real Singapore then explore the place during night. You can witness great view with beautiful lighting.

Recommended Duration:4 days and 3 nights


Vietnam lies on the eastern portion of Indo-Chinese peninsula. In this county you will witness end-less charm and see another flavour of Asian culture.

Air Ticket: Round trip flight from your home to Vietnam will cost you in your budgetif you will plan four to six months before.  You can always look out deals that offercheap airlines tickets online.

Accommodation:You can get stay in Vietnam stating from $ 200/per night. Though, you can get a decent stay around $500/per night.

Food:There are various places that are famous for good eatery. Places like Nguyen Truong and Cha Ca Street are known for good street food.

Recommended Duration: 6 days and 5 nights

These are few destinations that you can look for budget-friendly travelling.

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