Australia is a truly unique country. Dotted with breathtaking sights, amazing wildlife and a unique culture, it’s a land of surprises that packs an experience of a lifetime. With stunning beaches and world class hotels, it is also a great destination for honeymooners. You can check Australia honeymoon package from Delhi on the web to get a great deal. Here are our top picks for honeymoon destinations down under:

Fraser Island: Full of picturesque wonders, Fraser Island is the world’s largest sand island. From the Indian to the Cathedrals, it is dotted with places to visit. Then there are its lakes and incredible beaches. Take a dive in the clear waters of Lake McKenzie, Champagne Pools and Lake Wabby. With ecotourism one of its most popular industry, this is a destination for the adventure lover. Oh, don’t forget to look out for the hunchback whales on the 75-Mile beach!

Sydney: With the famous Opera House forming the backdrop, Sydney is full of glamour and energy. This city is a treasure trove of new places and experiences with its neighbourhoods and suburbs offering a unique character. Then there is the famous Bondi beach where you can catch the waves. For honeymooners Sydney also has shows, restaurants and nightclubs. You can also book a romantic day trip to the stunning Blue Mountains or a wine tour at the Hunter Valley.

Cairns: No Australia honeymoon package from Delhi can be complete without Cairns. If you love wildlife this is the place to visit. Nearby is the Great Barrier Reef that offers you the chance of a lifetime to see stunning corals. With its tropical climate and laid-back charm, Cairns is perfect for honeymooners who just want to relax or explore its wild countryside. Go snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef, stroll along the oceanfront, go bungee jumping or skydiving and take an Aboriginal walking tour at the Cairns Botanical Garden.

Melbourne: Whether you like sports, fashion or food — Melbourne offers you all that and so much more. Known as the cultural capital of Australia, Melbourne is a melting pot of cultures, traditions and tastes. Its an energetic city that pack a punch of all its visitor. Chances are, you’ll be on your toes as you explore this Millennial city. But, romantics will find plenty too. Melbourne is home to award-winning restaurants, bars and nightclubs — perfect for a night out.

These are our top choices for a Australia honeymoon package from Delhi. You can stick to one destination for leisurely honeymoon or explore multiple cities in this truly wonderful country.

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