Nowadays, there’s more choice available than ever before when you’re booking accommodation for a city break, but which option is right for you?

We’re going to take a quick look at two of the most popular choices, hotel rooms and serviced apartments, and break down why you may be better served opting for your own apartment next time.

What’s the Difference?

Generally speaking, a hotel is made up of lots of individual bedrooms, usually with an en-suite bathroom attached.

They also contain facilities such as a desk and chair, but other than this, you’ll either have to head to an on-site restaurant or look elsewhere for your food, with no facilities to cook for yourself.

While serviced apartments generally have less rooms, they’re much bigger and closer in style to residential apartments, with all the facilities you’d expect such as a fully equipped kitchen, separate bedrooms and a separate lounge for relaxing in.

They also offer many of the amenities that you would expect from a hotel, such as concierge, reception and housekeeping.

ASAP (the Association of Serviced Apartment Providers) has more information regarding what serviced apartments are and what they can offer.

Why Do We Love Serviced Apartments?

So why do we think you should be opting for a serviced apartment ahead of a normal hotel?

Well, the biggest benefit is the value for money that it offers, especially for longer stays. For a similar price, you can get all of the facilities of a hotel as well as a bigger room, meaning that they’re ideal for those travelling with kids, pets or just as a larger group.

In fact, this post from Bdaily claims that serviced apartments are a whole 30% cheaper than a hotel stay.

They’re also much more flexible than your normal hotel, meaning that you’re not stuck to fixed meal times and can cook your own food whenever you want.

Finally, there’s a lot more privacy if you’re travelling with others, giving you your own private room to retire to when you need a little bit of peace and quiet!

Many serviced apartment providers, such as Clarendon in London, focus on providing accommodation for business travellers.

They say: “Many business travellers are sick of staying in hotels every time they’re away and want accommodation which is catered to their needs, which is where serviced apartments can come into their own.

“With quiet apartments fully equipped with Wi-Fi, you can feel like you’re working from home, rather than in a ‘cookie cutter’ hotel room that you could find anywhere.”

Generally though, it’s that ‘home from home’ feeling that we love about serviced apartments. It feels like you’re staying in an actual apartment of your own, with a bit more character than a lifeless hotel room which, in truth, could be the same as any other hotel room in the world.

With all the convenience of a hotel, but with the comforts of home, it’s definitely something worth considering next time you’re booking a break away.

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