Love is that one feeling that never gets olds. It grows and develops into magic. But, ideal love is when courtship is never put aside. So, how about a weekend getaway to court your love? It is very important to seek an escape or a break from the hustle of everyday life to find betterment and calm in the everyday routine. However, regardless of the need to tunnel, New Yorkers have a tendency to get a little mix insane when squatted in our flat for longer than multi day. It is never too late to plan a weekend getaway and set all the discomfort aside. Plan your trip using Emirates promocode and get up to 50% on your ticket booking.

New York City is one starry place which is content with so many routes to have fun and forget the usual schedules. But, there are many other getaways which one can plan for a little weekend trip. Let us have a trip over some of the best romantic weekend getaways from New York City to make a special plan for your loved ones:

  • Princeton

Only 1 hours 45 minutes (by train) away from New York City is the lavish college town named Princeton, NJ which can be in your top list to plan a getaway this weekend? As it is a college town, you can relive or recreate or own glory days with your loved ones in live-in for a memorable time. After a walk through the gran halls of Ivy League University, you can relish the historic essence, the antique themed rooms and so much for a beautiful sight to your eyes for just $170/night.

Also, there is this interesting add-on to the getaway where you can go for fruit-picking in the farms of Princeton, with your beloved; pick some of your favorite fruits and enjoy a special treat.

  • Glenmere Mansion in Hudson Valley

Another pick? Here is the grandeur you might be looking for! Glenmere Mansion is located in Hudson valley near New York City. One can reach the place in approximately two hours of drive. This place comes as a complete beauty with its typical architecture that pictures like that of an old, grand mansion or a palace. It is not just in the words but in actions too which is proven with the warm greeting you receive after entering the place. There are hand-written welcome notes, fireplaces, scriptures and paintings to put the thematic feeling to life. The landscapes around this place delivers panoramic views, tranquil sites and amazing surroundings.

To curb your daily stress, special Hammam sessions with Sauna bath, swiss showers, aqua massages etc. are arranged for couples. Lavish soaking tubs are also involved to give utmost pleasure in the course of treatments. Besides this, you can have a keen view of the winery in Brotherhood valley which is known as the oldest vineyard in America.

  • Cape Cod

For every trip, getaway or any journey, beach can be a perfect pick! If you want to have some fun time with your loved one, you can head straight to the beaches in Cape Cod and forget about the stress. The feeling when you soak yourself in the water, with sunrays falling straight in your eyes seems so refreshing . Cape Cod, MA is approximately 6 hours 15 minutes away from New York City if you are travelling from bus. Otherwise, you can also use emirates promo codes to extract some extra discount on your bookings.

Hotels around the place are quite affordable with $75/ night prices starting for stays with best amenities. Head for a walk around the place, take a ferry and visit Martha’s Vineyards, have the best seafood and relish the moments.

  • Deerfield, Boston

Located outside Boston, 5 hours 30 minutes away from New York City is this rural heaven which can definitely steal your heart with its natural beauty and sights. Deerfield was once known as the heart of colonial America as it was extremely loved by the masses. The sights, the pleasure, views and landscapes makes it treasure.

There are cozy and warm Inns built inside the place for tourists. Even after the touch of development, the place hasn’t given up its originality. The usual rates of one room starts from $148 which comes as a worthy deal. Go for an expedition into the wintery woods and explore what you might be missing in your civilities.

  • Rivertown Lodge in Hudson

Located in Warren Street, Hudson, this lodge consists of 27 rooms and is best suited for people who are in search of those Bronte styled getaways. There are antique shops, galleries, bakeries, restaurants and souvenir stores around the street for the tourists. The place has a vintage, utilitarian designing with enhancing elements such as fireplaces, built-in libraries and much more. It is initially built as a movie theatre in 1920s but due to some façade, it went down and is now serving many tourists with some heart-warming memories.

The guest rooms inside the Lodge are content with good, pleasing and refining baths with botanical perfumes made in Hudson. One can also enjoy the beautiful artpieces that have been kept for the visitors to get their eyes upon the long-living art and culture of the city.

  • Finger Lakes wine country

Last but not at all the least, this is one option which is not just refreshing but can be the easiest pick for you. The Finger Lakes Wine Country is 4 hours away from New York City and can be reached by car easily. The place has approximately 120 historically and critically acclaimed wineries which are loved by all the tourists from different place and cities. For a comfortable stay, you can choose the Watkins Glen Harbor hotel which offers perfect romantic places to stay for couples. You will also get chocolates, roses and strawberries to relish while you court or get courted.

Further, tours around the wineries can cost you only $5/person which is totally worth the experience. Also, do not forget to hop into the taste rooms for your pleasure.

In a nutshell, these were some of the most affordable and the easiest weekend getaways from NYC which are also very convenient to be reached. You can plan your weekend anytime, hop into the driveways and pamper your partner with an amazing experience. Who says you have to go beyond the clouds for utmost pleasure, you just need to plan wisely and rush out of the routine to seek for everything that you desire!


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