No place with such a colourful history like Goa can go without having amazing food destinations. You will be spoilt for choice to an extreme level as you set foot in the state. The variety of cuisine will also make you feel that it can’t better than this.

Over the years, many communities have come and influenced Goan cuisine. Hindu, Islamic and Christian influences are the main among them. Recently, another addition has added a new twist in the cuisine: the world cuisine. Goa enjoys people coming from all over the globe. Also, many restauranteurs are investing in creating a fine world cuisine experience in Goa.

What makes eateries in Goa so amazing? The attitude of the eateries is just mind blowing: excellent service, warm faces always ready to help and suggest along with the relaxed laid back ambient. The taste of the culinary delights from many countries and styles is enhanced in this grand setting. Friends, frolic and fantastic food: Goa is more than just amazing beaches, golden sand and mesmerising parties. Let’s explore the tip of the iceberg by looking at just ten of the eateries.

Artjuna, Anjuna

Anjuna’s reputation of being a free-flowing holiday destination reaches another height in this amazing eatery. Just around the flea market, the eatery will appease your hunger with freshly prepared sandwiches, juices and baked delicacies. The open air area amidst a vibrant setting adds to the taste of the food. The real fun thing is the place is a boutique of fashion and décor, as well. Talk about multitasking while on a vacation!

Pan Asian Bowl, Panaji

If you thought Goa is all about continental and Indian delicacies think again with this amazing restaurant. Located in the heart of Panaji, the Bowl takes you to a trip to the Far East. From fresh and healthy salads to delicious poultry and fish dishes, the menu has no dearth of culinary delights. The service being equally delightful, you will love this Asian hideout while enjoying an amazing time in Goa.

Bomra’s, Candolim

Discover the magical taste of Burmese food here at the heart of Candolim. While soaking in the sun and frolicking in the sand, taste the exotic Burmese dishes here at the famous Candolim beach. Slow cooked pork, fresh leafy salads, rice and noodles, fancy Asian fusion style desserts – Bomra’s will take you to an unexpected culinary trip. The place perfectly complements Candolim’s charm and reputation for complete relaxation with superb service and amazing food.

The Black Sheep Bistro, Panaji

As the world comes to Goa, world cuisine also flourishes here. Located here at Panaji, this bistro explores recipes from a wide range of countries. Local produce of the sea, which, generally, doesn’t feature on menus elsewhere, finds a happy inclusion here. Along with the old world décor magnificently maintained, the food experience is one of the most exciting and unforgettable in Goa. Many French delicacies find their rightful place on the menu. The platter is a celebration of the fusion of tastes and ingredients. From starter to desserts, you wouldn’t give it a miss if you are looking for some fresh culinary experience.

Baba au Rhum Café, Anjuna

Since 2006, this eatery has been delightfully managing tourists with awesome food and musical experiences. The Anjuna reputation of being chilled out and relaxed place is celebrated here at the café. With a delicious and simple menu, the place has become a favourite among the visitors at Anjuna. The baked delicacies are really amazing in taste, and of course, in variety. And if you are craving for some over the top pizza experience, this is just the place for you. Fans have the opinion that Baba au Rhum bakes the best pizzas in Goa.

The Blue Bird, Vagator

Experience authentic Goan delicacies in this family-run guest house and eatery at Vagator. The place has a reputation of being an excellent place to spend a holiday. The food bolsters the reputation to the tee. From vindaloo, cafreal to other seafood specials, the place offers an amazing assortment of culinary surprises. Freshly baked bread, great music along with pleasant service, the Blue Bird is one of the best finds in Goa.

Kudos, Baga

 If you want to see how the locals take their tradition of fusion food, pay a visit to Kudos at Baga. Run by the D’Souza brothers, the place will give you an inside story of how Goans celebrate their fusion culinary tradition. Sizzlers, grills, pizza, seafood bounty and sinful desserts: the place has everything sorted out to appease your hunger for great food. Regular sessions of live music and buffet have made the place an instant favourite among food lovers.

Bora Bora, Morjim

From mouth-watering Russian delights to fresh and healthy Thai salads, Bora Bora’s menu will caress your taste buds with the sweet, savoury and the sour. Run by Russian owners who fell in love with Goa, this place has been famous for amazing beach parties in the beginning. Now, as the reputation has grown to a considerable height, the parties have taken a back seat, the family-style service has gained popularity and prominence.

The Bora Bora speciality is the Russian comfort dishes made with cottage cheese. The dishes have cast such a great magic on the food lovers here that they have taken the most wanted crown from the house’s pizza, as well. Enjoying Bora Bora while in Goa is a must-do.

Chef Soumyen’s Kitchen, Calangute

Continental food gets its due in this amazing eatery. From delicious starters to tempting desserts, every item on the menu will make you a fan, on the very first go. And the bonus is the eclectic variety of wine from all over the finest wine destinations of the world. Also, the chef comes out to greet as you enjoy the food.

Chronicle, Vagator

If you really desire to see how your food is being prepared, please pay a visit to this place right in the heart of Vagator’s golden beach. The upper level of the restaurant has the chefs working their magic right in front of the food lovers. And, it is beyond doubt a sight to behold as the delicious nature of the food will make you curious about the recipes, as well.

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