This coming winter season is going to be quite exciting for passengers who would be flying to Dubai through Emirates due to its ‘My Emirates Pass programme’.

The deal is that, the passengers who would be flying through or to Dubai between the dates 1 January and 31 March 2018 will be able to enjoy a flotilla of services and perks. They will be able to enjoy a good list of hotspots. All that they would have to do is show their Emirates boarding pass as well as an authentic identification form. This is all that they need to do when flying to or from Dubai through this period. There are so many travelers travelling to Dubai through Emirates for Dubai cruises are what attract tons of travelers from all across the globe. They will in fact, be able to enjoy and make the best use of the ‘My Emirates Pass programme’ during this tenure at the same time, without doing anything extra to do.

In this particular programme, travelers will be able to avail some great discounts from about 250 world class restaurants. They can even visit the mentioned dining outlets and enjoy discounts. In fact as we already stated about the cruise lines of Dubai, and how it attracts travelers every year, this program is also open to such travelers during the 2017/18 Middle East cruise season out of Dubai. This cruise season in Dubai is carried on from November to April every year. Hence, why not make the most of this time, with such great offers lined up.

For those who will be putting up in hotels and restaurants will also be able to enjoy a wide array of leisure and entertainment activities. A few of them to be precise are enjoying in so many theme parks of Dubai, visiting the championship golf courses and also relaxing at the luxury spas there. There is a flotilla of offers lined up, so make the most of your trip to and through Dubai between this tenure.

In fact, Mohammad Al Hashimi who Commercial Products Dubai’s Vice President also stated that in this current year, they had also increased the number of partners in their My Emirates Pass programmer. They wanted to provide better value and deals to the travelers.

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