Ireland is one of the most attractive places to visit on the planet, for it’s lush green fields, it’s friendly natives, steep seaside cliffs like those at the Cliffs of Moher, and it’s safe and colourful towns. But even more than that it is a cyclist’s paradise! There are any number of fantastically beautiful cycling routes, either hugging the coast-line following its every bump and divot, to cross country routes both east to west and north to south.

But what are the roads like? What types of accommodations are available that are cyclist friendly? How much does it cost to stay and east in Ireland? All of these are valid questions when considering Ireland cycling tours.

The first thing to take note of is that we drive on the left hand side of the road here in Ireland. If this is your first trip to our Emerald isle you’ll need some time to adjust to being on the left hand side of the road! You will need to actively think about staying on the left until it becomes more like second nature after a day or two. The roads are narrow here too. It’s often the thing that’s commented on first and most frequently! Ireland cycling tours do require you to pay close attention to what you’re doing while cycling as they are usually only the width for 2 cars to pass safely but can be as narrow as a single cars width out in the countryside. The best thing about these smaller roads, is that they are generally quiet and they are usually accompanied by some spectacular scenery! The surface of the road itself for the most part is reasonable quality, that’s not to say that you won’t find any potholes!There is a vast amount of accommodations available in Ireland. And they vary just as much in price. From 5-star castle hotels to hostels with shared rooms, there’s something for everyone! Most accommodations are also cyclist friendly, with only a handful either not having the space or facilities that suit cyclists. Just let your accommodation know that you’ll be arriving by bike and they’ll let you know where to leave it. Even the world famous Ashford Castle, holiday destination of the rich and famous is cyclist friendly and had a bike rack right outside the front door!

While Ireland is not exactly a cheap holiday destination these days, it can be done at a relatively reasonable rate. If you are selective about your accommodations and consider bringing a packed lunch every day so you just have to eat out once every day, you’ll save a few euro there on food. Some accommodations will include breakfast in the price of the stay, so it is worth finding a place where they do this even in its a few euro more, you’ll save both money and time as you won’t have to find somewhere to eat every morning. You’ll also save a lot on transport by doing an Ireland Cycling Tour!

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