Goa is synonymous with sandy, sunny beaches and amazing holidays with music, food and shopping. Yet, there’s so much else to see and explore. From 17th-century churches to 14th-century temples, the smallest Indian state offers a cultural-historical diversity that can hardly be paralleled.

It helps to know your ways around a place with so much explore. Fortunately, Goa is one of the most well-connected states in India. With railroads, airport and bus routes, reaching Goa is a matter of the only time. Here’s an overview of the routes you can take to reach famous places in the state.

The air route

Dabolim airport is just 31 km away from Panaji. The airport connects Goa with the other states of India and the rest of the world, being an international one. The Middle Eastern countries are very well connected with India through this airport.

Contact: 0832 254 0796

The roads to Goa

Goa has four National Highways linking the state to other parts of the country. The routes are like this:

  • NH 66: This road running along the west coast links Goa with Mumbai in the north and Mangalore in the south.
  • NH 4A: The road links Panaji to Belgaon and other parts of South India.
  • NH 566: If you need to go to Dabolim or any place on the NH 66, from Mermugao port, this is the route you should be travelling on.
  • NH 768: The route links Panaji to Ponda.

Bus service is excellent in the state, as well. The Kadamba Transport Corporation connects the state with its regular and trustworthy bus schedules.

Kadamba Transportation Corporation Contacts:

  • Panaji: 0832 243 8029
  • Vasco da Gama: 0832 251 5670
  • Margao: 0832 271 4699
  • Porvorim: 0832 241 7713

The Railways to Goa

South Western Railway and Konkan Railway are the two rail routes in Goa. There are four major stations in the state that connect Goa with the other parts of the country.

  • The South Central Railways Terminus is located at Vasco da Gama, the largest city in the state. A considerable number of trains start from this junction.

Contact: 0832 251 2337

  • Margao is the main station of the Konkan Railways. The station connects the southern junctions with Goa.

Contact: 0832 270 3950, 0832 271 2790

If you want to reach Goa from places like Delhi, the trains, generally, will take you to Vasco or Margao station. Starting from Kolkata, you will reach Goa as you reach Vasco station. Mumbai and the southern parts of the country are connected to the state via more number of trains reaching all the four stations.

  • The other important railway station in the region is the Karmali station. Only 15 km away from Dabolim, the station has all major trains halting here, and thus, making travelling to Goa more comfortable.

Contact: 0832 228 5798

  • Thivim connects Goa to southern and eastern states of India. With trains frequently coming, it is one of the four major stations in Goa.

Contact: 0832 229 8682

Once you arrive in Goa via your chosen mode of communication, moving around is easy and affordable. Take pre-paid taxis or local bus services to explore the state thoroughly. Two wheelers are also a very popular and fun way of roaming around.

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