In the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh,Mandu is an ancient fort city. It is bordered by stone walls that are spotted with Darwazas – gateways. It has rich Afghanarchitectural heritage.It has many landmark buildings. The months of February, July, August,September, and December are best to visit the place.

Tourist spots:

  • Rani Roopmati Palace.
  • Jahaz Mahal.
  • Roop Mati Pavilion.
  • Shri MandavgarhTeerth.
  • Hindola Mahal.
  • Hoshang Shah’s Tomb.
  • Bagh Caves.
  • Jami Masjid.
  • Malik Mughis Masjid.
  • Rupayan Museum.
  • Baz Bahadur’s Palace.
  • Dai KI ChhottiBehenKa Mahal.
  • Dilawar Khan’s Mosque.

Rani Roopmati Palace

It is avery beautiful palace that is named after Queen Rani Roop Mati. This historic place reminds of the beautiful queen. It is one of the most known tourist destination of the city.

Jahaz Mahal

It is also known as the Ship Palace. Ghiyas-ud–din built it in 15 century. He was theson of Emperor Mohammad Shah. It is a two-storey palace that lies between two artificial lakes the Kapurlake and the MunjTalab. Ghiyas–ud–din used it as aharem.

Roop Mati Pavilion

Originally it was built as an army observation point. It is made of sandstone. Baz      Bahadur’s queen Rani Roop Mati lived here in this huge structure.

Shri MandavgarhTeerth

It is devoted to Bhagwan Shri Suparshwanath and is situated inside the Mandavgarh Fort. It has awhite stone idolof the Bhagwan.


 It is situated in Mandu and is also known as Swing Palace because of sloping side walls. It is T shaped structure

Hoshang Shah’s Tomb

 It is thought to be the first Indian marble monument. It was built in 1440. It is square shaped and is near the Jami Masjid in Mandu city. It has a dome with towers, marble latticework, and courts.

Bagh Caves

These are nine in number that backs to 400 AD and 700 AD. Its paintings resemble the paintings of Ajanta Caves. They were rock cut by Buddhist monks.

Jami Masjid

 It is a huge mosque that was inspired by great mosque of Damascus. It reveals Afghan architecture fashion

 Malik Mughith Masjid

It is situated on the eastern bank of the SagarTalab and was built in the rule of Muhammad Ghori by Mughith. It dates back to 15 century.

Rupayan Museum

It is an ethnographic museum and has tools and crafts of local people of Mandu.

 Baz Bahadur’s Palace

It is a16-century palace and lies just below the Rupmati’s pavilion. It depicts Afghan architecture.

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It was built by Baz Bahadur to supply water to Rupmati pavilion.

Dai KI ChhottiBehenKa Mahal

It is an octagonal tomb with a platform that has blue ceramic tiles strips.


 These are twelve major gatesof a wall that surrounds the city.

Dilawar Khan’s Mosque

 It depicts earliest Indo- Islamic structures and was built during the rule of Dilawar Khan Ghauri.

Chhapan Mahal Museum

 The museum is situated inside the Chhappan Mahal of 16th century. It displays rich cultural and tribal history.



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