A visit to Kerala “the Land of God” is not complete until Alleppey secures place in your tourist itinerary. Located at the southern part of Kerala, Alleppey is the sixth largest town of the state. Inspired by its naturally graced picturesque canals, lagoons, beaches and backwaters, Lord Curzon once regarded it as the “Venice of the East”. Beaches, resorts, temples, churches, mosque and marvellous palaces this place has it all. Annually organized far famed Nehru trophy boat race, feasts and festivals nurture your visit wholesomely and make your journey, an everlasting memory. Filled with all sorts of flavours, the area has the best combinations of religion, festivity, history, literature, agriculture, flora and fauna, culture and cuisine, experience and enthusiasm. One can also call it an Eden for the photo fanatics and nature admirers as it is naturally blessed with the scenic marvels.

Alappuzha Beach:

Alappuzha or the Alleppey beach is the most famous beach of the land of god “Kerala”. As the most joyously busy tourist destination of the state, this beach entertains its visitors with diverse fascinating offerings.  Surroundeded with the Arabian Sea and composed of various lagoons, beautiful and fresh water rivers and lakes, the picturesque scene naturally mesmerizes the visitors. Danced palm trees echoing with the sounds of the sea and wind at the west of the beach create a melody to the ears.

Not just that, the nearby Vijaya Beach Park with a children’s park and the boating facilities gives a distinct flavour to the variety of entertainment modes. Close to that is the old lighthouse, which adds the historical essence to it. Most famous is the spellbinding sunsets capable of instilling the fairy tale romance in the hearts of the admirers. This beach receives the highest amount of European tourists. To make your visit an everlasting memoir, houseboats, water sports, swimming, beach volleyball, parasailing, surfing and occasional boat races of world renowned fame complete the experience. Best time to plan your journey is from August to March.

Marari Beach:

Hardly 25 minutes drive from the busy Alleppey Beach, the Marari Beach of Mararikulam comprises of its peaceful and serene 100 moods to allure the soulfulness in you. With local children playing with wheels, fishermen resting at the beach under the lush coconut grooves, soft sand caressing the feet and the famous meter-high Marari Chai, one can sure enjoy the tranquillity within.

Friendly guinea fowls often wander at the beach and connect you to the natural fauna of the area. The nearby amphitheatre organizes enjoyable dance performances from time to time. Marari has a few resorts, which offer their customized comforts to make your stay pleasant. However, the seawater is not suitable for swimming; visitors can enjoy the snake boat race in the peak season which is from August to March. Nearby attractions are temples, churches and a wax museum. The place is considered ideal for the photo fanatics.

Andhakaranazhi Beach:

A perfect natural melody of soft sand and calm, warm water can be witnessed at the Andhakaranazhi Beach. Not commercially established though and neither crowded, a perfect place to enjoy the sunsets with the beloveds. Warm, clean and not too deep water offers a good choice for swimming.

Far from the crowd and close to eternal serenity, visitors enjoy their time in admiring the company and collecting the white, grey and green shells on the beach. There is only one shack, which offers basic edibles to fill your appetite. The beach has a lighthouse that navigates the fishermen at night, which is another appealing spot and local attraction.

Azheekal Beach:

Located in the taluka of Cherthala of Alappuzha district, Azheekal Beach is yet another not very explored beach, which makes it ideal for the peace lovers. The scenic beauty here is at its peak. Perfect for a fairy tale and romantic evenings, the pullimattu (a kilometre long bridge, made of stone) to the blue at this place, sometimes gives an illusion that you are above sea.

Visitors get excited when they spot friendly dolphins and sea crabs here. It is a stupendous clean and green combination with the blue sea. Hold hands and rejoice the company of self or the beloved and do your own adventure.

Kuttanad Beach:

The area around is regarded as the “Rice of the bowl” because of the paddy cultivation. This place is a scenic heaven. Beach, however, is not commercially established but ample to offer a scenic relief to the calm mind. Kuttanad alone is a domain of four rivers.

Nearby attractions include some historical colonial buildings and the occasional snake boat races. Nature has used a fine colour palette here to soothe the eyes of those who admire god’s creations. Communicate with Mother Nature wholeheartedly beyond words.

Ezhupunna Beach:

Secluded yet filled with utmost naturalistic beauty, this beach is the relaxing area for the local inhabitants. One can witness the local Indian families playing and spending quality time here. The fishermen are hard to miss.

Regional young couples come for a quality time to experience the calming shadow of lush palm trees, white sand, backwaters of the area and the visiting families with colourful attires, cheerful children, and solicitous elders. This place is a good choice for families that aspire for some ideal time at the beach, away from the crowd.

Arthunkal Beach:

Arthunkal Beach is famous for its coastal village and for the most important Catholic pilgrimage of Kerala, St. Andrew’s Forane Church, which was built by the Portuguese. A two weeks feast in the month of January is the popular celebration that receives thousands of devotees who have been benefitted by their faith in the deity.

Only 21 Kms. away from the main Alleppey beach, this place provides divine experience by the sea and offers the glimpse of the local village lifestyle.

Overall, Alleppey beaches comprise of a variety of ambiance and cater to all sets of moods. They have a lot to offer from the busiest beaches to the serene, secluded and peaceful ones, all with stupendous natural beauty. Diversity ranges from witnessing relaxing sunsets to enthusiastic water sports and boat races, which make Alleppey a popular portion of Kerala.

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