The London minicabs are normal cars, usually licensed by the public carriage office, and made available to the public for hire. You cannot hail minicabs on the street since they are only booked via a certified Private Hire Operator.

Getting Minicab Services Online

When searching for London minicab services online, a casual Google search is likely to pop up about 12 million sites of companies that have been licensed to operate in the city of London. Ensure that the companies you are interested in have their license number displayed on their website. Other details that should be on display include a London telephone number (beginning with 020) and an address, in case things don’t go as planned.

After getting you minicab services online, you need to ensure that the driver of the minicab has a full Public Carriage Office Driver License and that the car is fully licensed. This can be confirmed by a round license plate placed on the rear and front windows.

Any minicab drivers who aren’t wearing their badge are not licensed to carry passengers. We have approximately 40,000 minicab and taxi drivers in London. We also have about 22, 0000 taxis in the city. However, it is only black cabs (taxis) that can be hailed to pick passengers up from the streets. All minicabs have to be pre-booked at their company office or by phone. Some hotels might offer to arrange for your transport, however this will definitely benefit them more than it will benefit you financially.

Cost of Hiring Minicabs  

It is imperative to know that minicabs are normally unmetered. Therefore, it is always important to reach an agreement on the terms and rates of payment at the time of making your booking. If you order a minicab online, just to ensure that you are boarding one from the company you ordered from, find out whether the driver knows your name and the destination you are headed to.

The London minicabs are generally safe to travel in, especially if you book well in advance. The law requires that all their trips be recorded at their office. You are also protected by the Public Carriage Office, in case anything goes wrong. However, to remain on the safe side, never use a minicab that you haven’t booked in advance. You will have no way of knowing whether they are genuine or not.

Airport Transfers and Connections

Minicab firms also come in handy for smooth airport transfers and connections such as Devon cars London. However, all Private Hire Airport Transfers must always be booked in advance. Some of the actually accept advance payment through credit cards.

If you are new in London and you have no pre-booked airport transfer services, you should know that any person who will approach you, within the precincts of the airport, for a ride is illegal, probably uninsured and may end up charging you different amount of money than what you agreed, by the time you arrive in your destination.

If you have no advance minicab booking, to be safe, just make inquiries at the Airport Information Desk (found within the arrivals hall) and you can easily be given a full list of minicab firms which operate locally.

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