Kerala : No words can justice the pristine beauty of this state, which is listed as one of the “Ten Paradises of the World” and “50 places of a Lifetime.” Wondrous backwaters, lush forest among the hills, the spice, tea and coffee plantations, Ayurveda villages, picturesque hill stations, thriving wildlife – no wonder, some call it God’s Own Country.

Situated between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea, the knife-like state has three geographically different regions. In the east, it is all mountainous along the Western Ghats elevations. Then the slope gradually rolls down in the central region. By the shoreline, Kerala has the coastal plains dominating the geography. These natural variations have given rise to an exotic mix of flora and fauna amidst the most charming equatorial climate. This is the secret of Kerala’s unmatched appeal to the travellers from all over the world, it has something for everyone.

  • The Backwaters

A miracle of nature, the Backwaters of Kerala is one of the Iconic and most fascinating places on earth. Five lakes, countless natural and man-made canals and more than forty rivers form a mesh of waterways along the Arabian Sea shoreline of Kerala. This mesmerising water mesh is home to equatorial flora and amazing wildlife and aquatic fauna. As you explore the Alleppey, Kozhikode, Cochin, Kasaragod, Kollam and other backwaters, you’ll meet various crabs, fish, frogs, lobsters, turtles, mudskippers and a wide number of birds thriving in this aquatic wonderland.

With a culture as old as time, the local traditions are as colourful and enchanting as the wildlife. All said, the backwaters have enough to discover for a single trip.

  • The hill stations

The glory of Kerala’s hill stations lies in their equatorial emerald green nature. Along the Western Ghats rain shadow, these hill stations are truly a miracle of nature – pure, pristine and perfect hideout for a serene and mind-expanding holiday.

Munnar, Ranipuram, Pythal are just some of the famous hill stations around this region. Along with the natural beauty, the spice, tea and coffee plantations add another touch of greenery to these gorgeous places. The shades of green that you can spot around here are perhaps the most that you can come across anywhere else.

  • The beaches

With nearly 600km of shoreline, Kerala’s beaches are some of the best-kept and most enjoyed ones in the world. The clear blue-green hues and the pristine sand quality make the beaches a treat for the eyes. As the state reaches its western limits, you get to see coconut and palm trees along the coast defining the flora. Since the Roman times, this coastal stretch has allured thousands of merchants in search of exotic spices and other fine commodities. As you step on the glorious sand walking towards the playful waves, soak in the beauty and charm that once invited so many from so many foreign shores.

Fort Cochi, Cherai, Bekal, Dharmadam, Kappal are some of the well-visited beaches. With excellent accommodation and world-class hospitality, Kerala beaches will gift you one of the best holidays of your life.

  • The wildlife

With a varied geography, Kerala is home to a number of exotic, rarest of species. Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Periyar Tiger Reserve, Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary, Eravikulam National Park are just a few places where you will have the fortunate to meet majestic animals like tiger, leopard, the Nilgiri tahr, elephant along with various species of deer. Birds and insects of innumerable shapes, colours and nature thrive in these forests. Come prepared, you’re going to have some of the most gratifying wildlife viewing experiences in the world.

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