So, the wind is chilly, the whereabouts are cold, it might snow anytime or may be already snowed in your region, and these are all the reasons you have to worry about the safety of your possessions.

While winter is a cherished time for most, it is the official holiday ad festivity season, it also brings along a few consideration in terms of storing various items of the home.

Right from recreationalvehicles to sports equipment, lawn equipment to fragile items, there are a lot of things that might get affected with the chilly winter season.

If you too are a concerned home owner, with doubts about protecting your assets, you have landed on the right page. Fret not as we have most of your concerns answered below:

1: Long-term vehicle storage:

You need to store your car and the recreational vehicle as you can no more drive them during the winter season. But, make sure you do not store them haphazardly, creating more harm that they would get with the temperature change.

To make sure they are safe in a self-storage unit, you must plug out the battery, clear the insides, cover and inflate the tires, make sure there is no room for rodents to enter and also block all the vents to prevent moisture from seeping inside.

Once done, cover the entire vehicle with a cover that is made specially to keep the vehicle safe in the storage units.

2- Sports equipment needs storage too:

There are several water sports equipment that you may no longer use, including surfboards and paddle boards. You must store them safely as they too sustain damage because of the moist weather, during the winter season.

Moreover, storing them in home or garage is even more difficult, because they are uneven in shape, and need special storage options. So, you can take them to a self-storage unit and store them safely. Rinse the with tap-water and then dry it using tissues or towel. Make sure you remove all the moisture. Now put it inside a bag and then in the storage unit.

3- Lawn mowers and other lawn equipment:

You aren’t going to mow the grass in the winter so, the lawn equipment too need to be stored. All these items can be moved to a self-storage unit after ensuring that they do not have any leftovers- oils, fluids or any cut grass or other items.

4- Hire a climate controlled storage unit:

Finally, make sure you rent a climate controlled storage unit at the best storage units Savannah facility. This will help you prevent ant damage from moisture as these facilities keep the moisture away.

Bargain for the best price and ensure you utilize every space available. These units’ providers also help you with packing and moving the items from your home to the storage units, talk them through and they will offer you the best help.

These are some of the ways to protect your belongings during the winter season. Self-storage units are of great use, only if you know how to utilize them fully. These tips will help you do that, without any hassle.

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